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Sławomir Molęda

Sławomir Molęda is an expert in the area of medical law and pharmaceutical law.

He graduated from law school and also completed after-graduate studies in human resource management at the Warsaw University.

For couple of years, he lead the ‘Budowlani’ National Trade Union Board’s law department which gave him an in-depth knowledge of employment law and experience in the leading of teamwork. For several years, he has been developing a journalistic and training business that has focused him professionally.

He regularly publishes legal texts in professional journals "Puls Medycyny" ("Medicine’s Pulse") and "Puls Farmacji" ("Pharmacy’s Pulse"). He advises clinics, doctors and patients. He is the author of guidebooks, that act like compendiums of legal knowledge, titled: "Prawo dla lekarzy i zakładów opieki zdrowotnej" (2005, 2006, 2007) („Law for doctors and health care facilities”), "Prawo dla aptek i farmaceutów" (2008, 2010) ("Law for pharmacies and pharmacists"), "Działalność lecznicza lekarzy" (2011, 2015) ("Therapeudic activity of doctors").

He conducts training courses on health law and also legal workshops for students of medicine from universities from all over the country. He is the creator and administrator of the website:ów.

He likes to read and travel.

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